Ely Sakhai - Unusual destinations around the world

Unusual destinations around the world

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Socotra Island

Ely Sakhai leads you on a tour around the Socotra Island. This is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world and it will give you the opportunity to jump into the tale “One Thousand and One Nights”.

Actually, people often think that this island is from another planet, because one third of the flora and fauna are endemic species (i.e. exist only on this island). It is commonly believed that some plants and animals are ancient relics, probably from the pre-mammal Era. Moreover, the limestone plateau is the perfect soil for the very well-known Dragon trees. This odd-looking trees grow in such profusion that the entire

Ely Sakhai - The River Una – One and only

The River Una – One and only

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The ancient Romans were the first to discover the picturesque beauty of this river, explains Ely Sakhai after he returned from Bosnia. According to some old stories, when the Romans heard the murmur of Una’s waterfalls, and they exclaimed “UNA”, which means “one” or “only” in English. The total length of the River Una is nearly 212.5 kilometers. The River Una rises near Lower Suvaja and Lower Lapac, below the slopes of the mountains Pleshevice and Strazhbenica in Croatia in the area of Lika, and flows into the River Sava near Jasenovac, where the River Una brings nearly 8 billion m3 of water annually. Furthermore, on a territory of 9368 km2 around the river live over 700 000 people, and they are attracted by the fertile land Ilje and direct access to water around the river.

The source of the river is at about 450 meters and resembles to a miniature lake with a greenish blue color. Around the river, there are positioned high limestone cliffs. Moreover, the source of River Una is protected as a geological treasure. In the spring, the water is very cold and emerges from the underground; therefore, it creates big pools. The first waterfall is about 20 meters away from the source. A large amount of water fills several smaller rivers, such as Studeni Potok, Srebrenica and Lalinovac. The River Una flow passes through Martinbrod, Kulen Vakuf Ripac, Bihach, Bosanska Krupa, Bosnian Island, Novi Grad and Kostajnica.

The climate near the Una’s basin is mainly continental and mountainous with some 9.5 ⁰C with a lot of rainfall. During the summer, the River Una has low level of water, but on the other hand, from November to the end of spring, the level of water is quite high, so the River Una can often cause severe flooding. The River Una has first class water quality in Martinbrod. Click here to find out more.

Ely Sakhai - Fiji


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Fiji (Engl. Fiji, Hindi: फ़िजी, Fiji: Matanitu ko Viti) comprises several groups of islands in Oceania, says Ely Sakhai. The official name of these islands is the Republic of Fiji Islands, where the capital is Suva. They are located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Fiji is an archipelago that comprises 322 islands and 522 islets.

Furthermore, Fiji represents an isolated group of islands that is located about 2,100 km on the north of Oakland in New Zealand. The coastline is 1,129 km long, and total area of the archipelago is ​​18,333 km2. Nearly 110 of the islands are inhabited. The largest islands are Viti Levu (10,429 km²) and Vanua Levu (5556 km²). These both islands have large mountain ranges, and the highest mountain peak is Mount Victoria with 1,324 m (Viti Levu Island). Taveuni (470 km ²), Kedavu (411 km ²), Gau and Koro (each at 140 km ²) are also some of the larger islands.

Fiji has mainly tropical hot and humid climate, with temperatures from 16⁰C to 32⁰C. There are South Pacific tropical cyclones during the rainy season (from November to April). Statistically, Fiji has 2-3 strong hurricanes on every 10 years. But, the southwesterly winds bring colder weather during the winter (from May to October). In this time of the year, there is a lot of rainfall on the southeastern coast of Viti Levu Island.

In addition, nearly 57% of the populations in Fiji (905,949) are Malaysians. In 1987, many Hindus people have left Fiji. In 1996, about 58% of the population declared themselves as Christians, 34% as Hindus and 7% as Muslims. 87% of the population is located on the two largest islands. According to some data from September 2012, Fiji’s largest cities are: Nasinu (75,719), Suva (75,225), Lautoka (44,143) and Labasa (33,397). Cannibalism has been a long tradition on Fiji islands, but today, the locals do not eat tourists anymore. Actually, they are very pleased that Fiji benefits a lot from the tourism. Click here to find out more.

Ely Sakhai - Cyprus - the Island of the Gods

Cyprus – the Island of the Gods

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After experiencing Cyprus’s beauties Ely Sakhai stated that this country offers a magical mix of nature and relaxation, like in a dream. Its spectacular landscapes and climate, gives every tourist a chance to experience something new. This is a magical island, but also a country of contrasts. Despite the sunny beaches and luxury hotels, there are also plenty of mountains covered with pine trees and picturesque mountain villages in Cyprus. This is a small country, but is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia.

The Island is located in the North-eastern part of the Mediterranean basin, 75 km on the south of Turkey, 90 km on the west of Syria and 385 km on the north of Egypt. It can be named as Mediterranean, European and Asian country. Actually, Cyprus belongs to Asia Minor, in geological aspect, but in the cultural aspect, this island belongs to Europe.

Relief and Climate

The relief of the island is mostly mountainous. There are two mountain ranges that extend form west to east. Trodos extends to the entire south-western and southern part of the island, rising to the top of Mount Olympus at 1,951 meters above sea level. Kirenija, is a very narrow, sharp and intersected limestone ridge situated on the North side of the island. Between these two magnificent mountain ranges, stretches a fertile plain. The coastline is very low in the north-east and west parts of the island. This island has great number of beaches: rocky, gravel and sand. Cyprus also possesses two large salt lakes.

Cyprus has very diverse flora and fauna, so this is a paradise for nature lovers. It is famous for its Mediterranean climate. The summer is very hot with an average temperature (in July) about 29 ⁰C, but the winter is mild and rainy with temperatures about 10 ⁰C. The snow begins to fall in December; the ski season begins in January and finishes in March. Cyprus has the highest number of sunny days per year. Click here to see more images.

Ely Sakhai - Palau


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The state of Palau is composed by 250 islands, located in the Pacific Ocean, says Ely Sakhai. It is also known as Belau. These islands possess beautiful, sandy beaches and tropical forests. This exotic destination will make your stay the most perfect and relaxing.

The west group of islands consists of many islands, and stretches from north to south. Only eight of the islands are inhabited. They are about 800 km away from the island Kayangel on the north and from the island Tobi on the south. The main islands are Kayangel, Babelthuap and Koror, with the capital cities Peleliu, Angaur and Koror, respectively.

The bigger islands are mainly old volcanoes, which are surrounded by coral reefs, but the smaller islands are actually coral islands. They all have lush vegetation, with tropical forests on larger islands and mangrove swamps along the coast. The islands have wide variety of flora and fauna on land, as well as in the water.

The warm tropical climate is a bit milder than the rest of Micronesia with heavy rainfall from July to October. Palauan and English are the official languages ​​of about 20,000 inhabitants, but they also speak various dialects of Micronesian. The population consists of Polynesians, Malai and Malaysians.

To sum up, Palau is an excellent destination for passive and active recreation (enjoy the beach, scuba diving, water sports), thanks to its fantastic, sandy beaches and diving sites. All these places abound in flora and fauna. There are also lots of schools for scuba diving. In addition, Palau’s visitors can go canoeing. There are plenty of things you could do during your stay in Palau, or you could just sit and admire all the beauty. Click here to find more about Palau.

Ely Sakhai - Ice hotel – A fairytale stay

Ice hotel – A Fairytale Stay

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The Ice hotel is already widely known, says Ely Sakhai. Each year it’s rebuild over and over again. But for the season 2013/2014, it is expected to be finished by 30th of December. It is a rare occasion where people are able to spend their winter holidays in a luxurious hotel, where room temperature is – 5 º C. At first, anyone not familiar with this would not even consider entering it, but as soon as they get more information, are very enthusiastic for their stay at the hotel. Located in a small Swedish village Jukkasjärvi, with only 1,000 residents, the Ice hotel is a very popular place.

The creator of this Ice hotel tourism is the Swede Yngve Bergqvist, who is in charge for the advertising of the village and province tourism. At the beginning of each winter, a group of ice constructors from all over the world gather in a small town in order to participate in the construction of the icy hotel. A great number of architects, designers and artists want to take part in this extraordinary project. There are several stages in the construction of the hotel. Every week, a different section of the hotel is being opened. The hotel lobby, the main entrance and the ice bar are all opened at the same time and then follows an opening of the ice church. Hotel rooms and suites are last opened. For the season 2013 / 2014 it is planned that the Ice hotel is opened by 30th of December and have a capacity of 60 rooms.

These rooms made ​​of snow and ice is the place where thousands of guests stay for a sleepover, while hundreds of couples make their vows in hotel’s ice chapel. And of course here is the famous ice bar which offers countless number of cold drinks to hotel’s visitors…

Mr. Sakhai says that this hotel’s duration expires in spring, when the sun rays start to melt the icy walls of this hotel. Then the hotel closes and returns back from where it originates – in the Torne River.

Ely Sakhai - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

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Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro is called the city of 4 million people, which is by many people named as the most beautiful city in the world, says Ely Sakhai. It is also called by its full name: St. Sebastian from the January River. When on 20th of January, 1500 Portuguese with 6 caravels anchored under the famous Sugar Loaf to drive away French, considered the bay to be some river and therefore named the river as it was indicated in the calendar.

When founding the city, some 15 years later, was kept the name but added the name of a saint. Over time name got shortened, calling the city of Rio de Janeiro, or just Rio.

What entitles Rio to, with the fully right, have the title of the most beautiful city in world? “There may be more beautiful than Rio’s bay, which look like alpine lake”, said world traveler Ernest Hesse-Wartegg, “of course there are higher mountains, more beautiful shapes than those which surround the bay, there are also larger cities than Rio, there are and some big cities in the tropics, which lie in an extraordinary landscapes – but a unification of sea and islands, the alpine chains and metropolitan image, all that clad in the most beautiful tropical splendor like such in the bay at Rio de Janeiro – there is no such thing on the planet”.

With another thought is the world traveler A.E.Johann. Nor the huge boulevards, nor mountains behind Rio, or standing 25m high above the city the statue of Christ, or a multitude of skyscrapers in the metropolitan region of Copacabana are not, in his opinion the best thing in Rio, “but the girls on the beach, powerful and silver waves of the Atlantic, and the alluring coastline that stretches below the tall houses miles away in gentle curls”.

Rio is especially beautiful when it can be seen from the boat. It stretches along the 180 km long bay. The city shows its most beautiful side when viewed from Corcovado, 700 m high hill with the statue of Christ. Rio is most beautiful in the twilight when light turn on. From 1763 till 1960 Rio was the capital of Brazil – almost 200 years. However this city survived losing that role, as it never ceased to be a spiritual center in the country, says Mr. Sakhai.

Ely Sakhai - The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

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Colorful fireworks, loud music, the rhythm of samba that awakens senses, ecstatic dancers in skimpy costumes and a huge number of people who flock from all over the world to watch this Brazilian madness is the picture and opportunity of The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, says Ely Sakhai.


The first festival in Rio dates back to the year 1723, and it was attended by immigrants from Portugal islands of Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde. The original goal of the carnival was that all participants are fully wet at the end. People would keep going out onto the streets with buckets of water, and anyone could become a potential “victim”, and the party was even attended by the rich and influential people, and also those in the government.


Today, the purpose of the carnival is somewhat different, as it is an opportunity for the competition of many samba schools. Their competition also represents the highlight of the festival, and each of the schools must select a topic that will be presented, and so every year the audience at the festival enjoys the imaginative costumes and the wild creations from dancers. Anyway, all schools must follow the strict rules of the contest, and present their acts at a precisely defined sequence. Street festivals are backing part of the carnival, which takes place outside the main street and outside the famous Copacabana beach, and in them can participate everyone, regardless if they are locals or guests.


However, most of the visitors are mainly coming to Rio during The Carnival because of the samba and exotic dancer. Samba was created in Brazil by the African slaves who worked on plantations of fruit, coffee or cotton. Although the dance evolved, in the villages is still preserved the traditional samba. However, this is not the only dance that can be seen during the carnival, because there is also Lund, Polka and Maksis, end Ely Sakhai.

Ely Sakhai - Atlantic Ocean Cruise

Cruising the Atlantic Ocean

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Cruising is more beautiful way to get acquainted with the city, the coast and the sea says Ely Sakhai. The modern Robinsons can go from harbor to harbor through the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and can see the amazing island.

Island of Tortola (Virgin Islands): It is the largest and the most populous in the British Virgin Islands. Tortola is a mountainous volcanic 20 km long and 5 kilometers wide island, where tourism is the main industry. In the capital city of the island, Road Tauno is placed a botanical garden where the visitors can see 62 species of palm trees, various tropical flowers, birds and parrots. The popular big Cane Garden Bay is offering a memorable experience for all who like to enjoy on the sun. This is place with the most street festivals and beach parties in the world.

Barbados: Barbados belongs to the Lesser Antilles, but it is far away from the group of islands that make Lesser Antilles. The name was given by the Portuguese and it means “bearded”. It is referring to the local trees i.e. to the banyan tree whose roots are hanging as a beard. This island is known for its exotic sandy beaches and coral reefs that are surrounding the whole island. Although Barbados is only 34 km long and 23 km wide, it is one of the countries with the highest standard in the world and it is an important tourist destination.

Barcelona: Barcelona is a lively cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast, with about four million inhabitants. It is the capital city of Catalonia. Barcelona is decorated by the gaudy edifices of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. The park Guelj is part of the world cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO. The most famous work of Gaudi is the cathedral “Sagrada Familia”, which is still building says Sakhai. In the center of the old part of Barcelona is standing out the works from the medieval Gothic period by which the whole neighborhood got its name Bario Gothic. The unique and different Barcelona is considered as one of the most beautiful European cities.

Ely Sakhai - Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls – The Honeymoon Capital

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Niagara Falls is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world and the second largest waterfall in the world after Victoria Falls, says Ely Sakhai. Some 12 million tourists per year visit these waterfalls and enjoy their stunning beauty. They are a natural border between the United States and Canada. Niagara River quietly flows, leaving from Erie Lake, nearly 37 miles and near Lake Ontario it turns into a raging beast performing a dramatic fall from a height of about 150 feet. At the edge of the cascade is placed Goat Island which divides the river in two parts. American Falls, on the eastern side are forming a straight line, 358 yards long, while Canadian Falls are more than twice wider.

It is interesting that Niagara River, at Horseshoe Falls, is deeper than the height of the waterfall. The river at that point is 184 feet deep and the waterfall is 170 feet high. American waterfalls are divided into two parts and they are less impressive than the Canadian Falls. That’s why most of the tourists visit Niagara Falls from Canadian side.

Known for their beauty, the Niagara waterfalls are popular tourist destination, but they are also a source for electricity. There is placed world’s first power plant, whose construction was largely credited to Nikola Tesla who invented it.

Niagara falls are one of the most desirable locations for weddings and honeymoon. Every year on the Canadian Niagara Falls are coming about 50,000 couples for honeymoon and marriage. That is why this city became a major Canadian city for marriage. This tradition started back in the 1804, when Napoleon’s younger brother, Jerome Bonaparte brought there his wife to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, remarks Sakhai.

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